directed by: Tony Gatlif
screenplay: Tony Gatlif
cast: Romain Duris, Lubna Azabal, Leila Makhlouf
genre: drama
country: France
language: French / Arabic / Romany / Spanish
production: 2004
time: 103 min

This movie is a odyssey of sorts. Both Zano, played by Romain Duris, and Naima (Lubna Azabal) live in France, but have ties that draw them back to Algeria. The film follows their slow but determined trip southward. Since they are traveling without funds--or even a map--they naturally need help from others along the way. These interactions with the people they meet on the road are fascinating. The two characters are not exactly role models for today's youth, but you have to admire their tenacity and their unwillingness to turn back.

Cannes Festival 2004 award for Tony Gatlif (the best director).



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